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Night Craft: Black and White Throw

February 15, 2015 by Kirby | 0 comments

IMG_0757 copy

I found about 16 skeins of a super soft Lyric brand black and white yarn in my mom’s yarn armoire (yes, that is a thing that exists, and how can one not constantly raid one’s mother’s house when amoires full of yard exist?) and decided to make my first throw out of it. There was something so nice and simple about a loose double stitch throughout with two sides of airy fringe. Plus the coloring lightens up the sofa a bit.

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Night Craft: Silk Flower Garland

January 7, 2015 by Kirby | 0 comments

IMG_0340 copy

Needs five more, right?

I love dollar store flowers, especially the neon ones like these pink beauties but I don’t have many places where I would actually want to put them in my house. (Who wants dusty silk flowers in their home? Not my grandma.) This bunch of flowers survived the move, but they didn’t survive this evening! (Thanks, living in a new city with no job, no money boredom!)

These guys got strung together last night and will be mailed to my sister for her Tex-Mex patio tomorrow. Until then, I thought I’d see how they looked in my lil space.

Night Craft

December 18, 2014 by Kirby | 0 comments


Night crafts are much like night sweats. You can’t stop them and you’re mostly unconscious when it happens. Tonight I decided to take an old piece of embroidery I did a long while back and make a pillow. Fluffy is indifferent and DS9 plays on.

Friday Mania: Lamp Shade Makeover

October 25, 2014 by Kirby | 0 comments


Today was one of those awful days where I had too much coffee in the morning then the whole day escaped me. I had goals: finish packing non essential things, mop the floors, clean the kitchen, stuff the rest of the issues of NANO Fiction, but instead I did most of those things half way if not at all, then got distracted thinking about stripping the paint off a little desk, painting a little side table, and re-doing two lamp shades.

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Infinity Scarf x SIX

October 6, 2014 by Kirby | 0 comments


Infinity scarf christmas extravaganza update: After making the first scarf, I started a larger one with the same yarn (one that could also be used as a hood) for my sister. That scarf is still in progress as I wait for Michaels to order more of the yarn but while I waited I started on this pink beaute’. It’s a little large, but I think it will be a good fit and a functional piece for the recipient’s wardrobe (at least I hope).

I have four more to go.

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The Infinity Scarf

September 19, 2014 by Kirby | 0 comments


With my sights set on getting out of Tuscaloosa in December and finding an apartment in Austin in October, I’ve been thinking a lot about the winter months and finances. This naturally brings me to thinking about Christmas and how I’m going to swing gifts for all the ladies in my family (the dudes get no love this year). Thankfully, I’m at the age where all my friends have children and no one exchanges gifts anymore so my list is short, yet the strain on my finances is ever present.

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