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Shed Talk

June 7, 2016 by Kirby | 0 comments

We built a shed! And it’s a beast.


I wanted the shed to take on the slanted roof shape, like this light green version sold at Costco. However, we also wanted to max out the square footage allowed by the city and there weren’t any prefab sheds in this shape in 10×12. I also loved the idea of having a built on greenhouse. The winters in central Texas can get cold, and I wanted the greenhouse to serve has a winter safe place for the potted plants, as well as a place where I could cultivateĀ bonsai, start seeds, propagateĀ cuttings, etc. If you look at the image above of our finished shed, though — we haven’t yet gotten to the greenhouse portion yet, partially because the shed ended up so tall. More on that below.

The Plans / Method

We used the plans below and adapted the measurements/height/and so on to accommodate a window we purchased at the local ReStore (the Habitat for Humanity thrift store). The end result was a LITTLE TALL. So the greenhouse portion was put on hold.


In front of the shed, we used the leftover wood from the house deck to do a mini-deck we now call the “Lower Porch.” The walls are that concrete composite siding, so I am told this sheet will last forever, and inside the pretty roomy. K has room for his glass blowing setup, we have plenty of space for our gardening stuff and a huge workbench.

That’s it!

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