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Review: Casper Bed

January 17, 2016 by Kirby | 0 comments


OOO BABBBY! We got a new bed.

Purchasing a bed online wasn’t something we were planning on. We actually went to a Mattress Firm and Goldilocked the hell out of several beds before becoming restless, confused, and frighted at the high price tags. We knew we wanted memory foam with springs, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to bite the bullet and pay for one.

Then came a friend with a Casper who, while very well rested, told me, “Just try it” thus passing a figurative bed-sized joint that would soon allow me to sleep like a precious lil baby.

I was very nervous about ordering something so expensive online without trying it out first, but the 100 night trial with a free return pickup (where they donated the bed to a charity of your choice) really subsided our fears. The price tag helped too, at 1/3 of the cost of the tempurpedic we liked, the Casper was well within our budget.

But the fact that the bed only came in one model was concerning. Would my lumpy body sleep the same as all these other lumpy bodies? Wasn’t I special? (Turns out: no.)

Before making the plunge, I turned to the internet. Online reviews really helped. Particularly ones that broke down the bed for different kinds of sleepers. Im a stomach sleeper and my husband, I think, is the same (I’m always sleeping when he sleeps). The reviews and Casper website said the mattress was medium firm (what we were looking for) and had positive reviews for back and stomach sleepers. All signs looked good, and we ordered the bed.

To prep our empty room, I ordered a simple bed frame from Amazon as well as a low profile box spring. I wanted to make sure the bed didn’t cover or overwhelm our narrow headboard. The lower profile box, I think really helped. The box is only seven inches tall and the mattress doesn’t have a ridiculous looking pillow topper, so the headboard was safe from being overpowered.

Unpacking the bed was easy, even with largeness of a king, and the thing didn’t smell at all.

Then came the sleep! I hadn’t realized until our first night how little I had been sleeping before. I mean, I did know that I wasn’t sleeping well since K came home due to our old mattress, but I didn’t realize how BAD IT WAS. While I still wake up several times a night because of the cats, I no longer wake up after having rolled into K due to his weight on the mattress. And I no longer wake up with my arms asleep or with a weird pain shooting down my leg. It turns out my lumpy body is less lumpy and painful than I had imagined! Which is a really nice thing thing to realize.

All in all the Casper was good purchase, worth the money we spent on it, and not only would I recommend it to friends, but I’m sure we’ll get one for our guest bedroom as soon as our budget allows.

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