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Fancy Fix Vinyl Privacy Film

November 28, 2015 by Kirby | 0 comments

IMG_15881Amazon. $15.98

The windows were completely bare when we moved into the house, and while I knew I would use wood blinds as our base protection from peepers, creepers, and the sun, I didn’t want to use them on the back doors and bathroom window. I wanted something minimal that I never would have to clean.

I’ve also been trying the slow approach to figuring out how the house should look. While we may be making some big steps toward some DIY remodeling–inspired by our plumbing problem, more on that later–I don’t want to rush into any expensive purchases we might not like further down the road. So while we’ve put up blinds, I’m waiting on drapes, and wanted to stick to simple, classic solutions for the other stuff.

This is where the fancy film comes in. (The product actually has “fancy” in its name, which I appreciate greatly.) I liked the pattern, it seemed retro and mimicked the look of an old screen. In the photo, however, it does look busy but overall, I think it ended up providing a bit of texture/pattern to a currently boring laundry room.


The application was easy, all that was needed was a pair of scissors, a spray bottle, and something to smooth the air bubbles out from under the film; however I found the instructions to cut an inch extra on each side to be more problematic than helpful. I couldn’t get my scissors to make an even enough cut to remove the extra inch with the film already on the window. Instead I created a pattern and used that to cut all of the rectangles to size. Looking back though, I would try to cut larger continuous horizontal pieces then shove them under the window frames so that the pattern would line up across each frame.


The real benefit to the film is that it is cheap and removable. While I’m content with this pattern (and how I accidentally rotated it on a few panes) now, I probably won’t be in three months. So for only $15 bucks, I’ve been able to entertain myself and prevent my neighbors from accidentally seeing me naked each morning when I toss my pants into the dryer.

For the bathroom window, I ordered a $9 roll of plain “etched” film. And it’s simple and perfect. That’s it for now!

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