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The Before it All Fell Apart House Tour

November 13, 2015 by Kirby | 0 comments

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GUYS, I have not been good at blogging. There is something about having your boo kitty come home from his bro-ployment, then buying a house immediately after, while running a magazine, and also packing up/moving the office you work at that somehow takes up a shit-ton of time. Who would have figured?

Life stuff is how people become so boring. I’m boring! And life is hard! AMERIKA! CELEBRATION! Amen.

I am not kidding though! Things have not been going well! ALLOW ME TO MAKE A LIST FOR YOU. At first my problems were silly, silly, first world lady problems. I felt offended during the purchase of my home. (ha!) Then as soon as I brought our things, our apartment things, into our new space, all of our stuff looked dull and not worthy. But new things are expensive. (haha!) So I thought, Oh this will just take time! I will take my time to find the perfect pieces to make my house the perfectly curated (ew) space of me and Mr. Boo. I thought we’d get to buy things we haven’t indulged in yet, like an actual television and a mattress that could fit the both of us without one (me) sliding toward the middle, but those thoughts were short lived. We barely installed blinds on the windows before the house decided to break-the-fuck-down!

Long story short, we are on the heals of a major plumbing repair. We have to excavate under the house/foundation and remove a 40-year-old clogged trap. THERE WILL BE TUNNELS UNDER THE HOUSE! There will also be little men with little hats with little lights on them. It’s all very scary and exciting. Thankfully insurance is covering the dig, but–nothing else.

That’s more or less the gist of it. I assume it will be some time before everything feels complete, and before we can recover financially from the repair. Until then we will live like beautiful sexy trash people with a mattress on the floor and a card table for a desk.


View from front door, or our tiny living room.

View from front door, or our tiny living room.

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One good thing to come from our plumbing adventure is that the floors were ruined by water and we get to find something lighter to replace them. K and I aren’t digging the dark color as it tends to show every cat hair and foot print possible.


The guy who flipped the house succeeded in stripping most of the 1970s charm from it, but good vibes are still there. There is plenty of natural light and some great tree action from in front of many of the windows.


I've got big plans for the closet at the end of the hall.

I’m hoping to get rid of the hall closet and expand the one in the master bedroom, though we have a lot of projects ahead of that.


Half bath in master bedroom. Can you tell these are crappy realtor shots?

Half bath in master bedroom. Can you tell these are crappy realtor shots?



Hallway bathroom.

Hallway bathroom


Back yard side view.  Not in this shot is a little fig tree with two huge dead trunks but a lot of new growth.


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