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Food Review: Homemade Coconut Butter

May 28, 2015 by Kirby | 0 comments

I recently discovered Earth Balance’s Organic Coconut Spread. We had a container of it at the office and it quickly became my go-to topping for my breakfast toast. The stuff is seriously good. It renewed my interest in toast. It’s perfect. It has a buttery salty flavor with just a hint of coconut, plus it’s (obviously) non dairy, and my acne prone skin loves that.

But I have a serious excess of time on my hands and I wanted to figure out if I could make it myself. Through a bunch of googling. I discovered several popular blogs talking about homemade coconut butter. People were raving about how delicious it was on everything from chocolate to toast to crackers to elbows, AND I WANTED TO MAKE IT.

So I purchased some coconut shavings and went for it. I used my food processor and didn’t have any problems with the mixture turing to a liquid as some of the recipes noted. However, I came into a huge problem with the “salt to taste” part. I salted without tasting first. I salted and a little too much came out. I salted and I don’t think I needed to salt it at all. The “butter” turned out really salty! And so I ended up with a thick coconut salty mixture.

It wasn’t so good but it wasn’t TERRIBLE. So I’ve kept it, and I’ve been trying on stuff trying to figure out what it’s good on but have discovered nothing remarkable. I refuse to throw it away though, as I bought those coconut shavings in bulk and by god they will go on something.

What that something will be, I’m just not sure.



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