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Patio Love In The New Place

December 16, 2014 by Kirby | 0 comments

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One of the features I was looking forward to the most in the new apartment was my patio. My old place didn’t have a back yard, but it did have a lot of yard. The result was me gardening in what ever funky yoga shorts attire in full eyesight of anyone who passed by. The patio, while lacking in square footage and still being nestled along a busy street, provides a lot more privacy. I may not be able to garden as extensively as I did in Alabama, but I relish the opportunity to create a very chill outdoor space where I can write, and develop/grow/work on my bonsai again.

Thus far I have started small: I wanted a spiky potted plant. I got this as soon as Kurt left, while I was on a random trip to Home Depot. The particular plant I got isn’t as tall as what I would like, but I tend to under estimate the amount of growth a plant can put off, so I shot smaller than what I ultimately wanted.

Next up were a few shelves for my fence. I made these guys with scrap wood from the bed. So far they are holding up well:



My mom was nice enough to bring my remaining plants from her home in Houston (they were living there–and dying there–while I was away) and she brought along this cute but rusty little mid century stand. I’ve repotted most of the plants facilitate protection from the cold (if it even gets cold here). Most were root bound at this point and needed a lot of root trimming but I didn’t touch the foliage.  I realize December is probably the worst time to do this, but they were all in such bad shape it needed to be done. If all goes well, it will stay warm here, and I’ll be able to kickstart some new growth on all the repotted plants.


I’ve got big plans for this guy.

The stand mom brought ultimately got sanded and repainted. The sanding, at first, felt pointless as the rust seemed too far gone, but I was able to remove all the rust from the legs and smooth out the top before painting. Later, if I get my hands on a power sander, I may re-do the top.


never, a good lighting moment

I have a few other things planned but they aren’t quite done or here yet. I bought an amazing stand this weekend while in Llano, TX that needs a good coat of rustolium and a coat of paint. The lady at the shop called it “rustic” but it was just rusty. I also need to find osme kind of seating. I’d like to keep a writing table outside, but I am not sure of I will have room once I plant a few pots of herbs.

It takes me a bit of time to set things up the way I like them. There always seems to be discrepancies between appearance and function, but I think with a bit of time, the patio will end up one of my favorite places to work (aesthetically). I just have to be patient.



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