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The End of NANO Fiction

November 7, 2016 by Kirby | 0 comments

I did a lot of thinking in 2015, then even more in 2016. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with myself, what kind of career I was going to pursue, what kind of craft I was going to focus on. Due to my 9-5, my creative writing and reading had been pushed to the side for a language that was contractual, methodical, tedious (actually my creative writing is much like that, too, minus contractual). Using this tongue and my daily focus on the dry landscape of writing for a company left me feeling creatively bankrupt in my personal practice. Instead, I was turning more and more to physical and visual acts of creativity: gardening, woodworking, creating structures with K.  I told myself  I was getting my house in order so that my mind was could be clear to write. I’m not the type of person that can live somewhere unsettled, somewhere that feels askew. This phase of ordering and building, though, has taken longer than expected. And what I saw as I built and created, was that I was at the precipice for a bigger change.

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First year home mania. A year in review.

October 23, 2016 by Kirby | 0 comments

October 16th marked our one year anniversary of purchasing our first home together, and despite feeling like our list of wants and to-dos will never be complete, we’ve done a shit-ton of work to the place. Some of the stuff I have documented here; others, like painting and decorating, I’ve had enough dignity to bypass posting about. Regardless, I thought it would be nice to document everything we’ve done to the house in our first year, to not only record the progress we’ve made but to be able to look back and be thankful about being able to do it all.

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Faux Bamboo Nightstands

June 30, 2016 by Kirby | 0 comments



I fell in love with the nightstand on the left, but I couldn’t get on board with it’s $1,400+ price tag. So I book marked it with the hope that one day I would see that the price had gone down. However, the longer it sat in my bookmarks bar, the more I wanted it, or something like it, but I couldn’t find anything similar that had it’s narrow proportion. The closest I could find was the classic Chippendale bamboo series, and from an image search they looked pretty good painted. Chippendale is pretty solid furniture, and I knew if I found a set, I could really give it hell.

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Two Panels and a Book Fair this weekend at Writefest

February 22, 2016 by Kirby | 0 comments

I’ll be speaking on two panels at Writefest this Friday in Houston, TX, as well as participating in their book fair with NANO Fiction on Saturday. This is the first year of this festival and it seems very well organized, so I’m super excited to be a part of it.

The panels:

Crossing Boundaries: The Fluidity of Genre(s), Friday, 10.15-11.15 am. Moderator: Tayyba Kanwal, Panelists: Caseyrenée Lopez, founder and editor of Crab Fat Magazine and Kirby Johnson, founding editor of NANO Fiction and former editor of Black Warrior Review. 

Challenges of Running a Literary Journal, Friday Neil Clarke, Moderator: David LaBounty, editor of The First Line and Workers Write! Panelists: publisher and editor of Clarkesworld Magazine; Jordan Bass, executive editor at McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern; Kirby Johnson, founding editor of NANO Fiction; Caseyrenée Lopez, founder and editor-in-chief of Crab Fat Magazine.

And the book fair runs from 10am-4pm on Saturday.

Review: Casper Bed

January 17, 2016 by Kirby | 0 comments


OOO BABBBY! We got a new bed.

Purchasing a bed online wasn’t something we were planning on. We actually went to a Mattress Firm and Goldilocked the hell out of several beds before becoming restless, confused, and frighted at the high price tags. We knew we wanted memory foam with springs, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to bite the bullet and pay for one.

Then came a friend with a Casper who, while very well rested, told me, “Just try it” thus passing a figurative bed-sized joint that would soon allow me to sleep like a precious lil baby.
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2015 was an awful, beautiful year

January 4, 2016 by Kirby | 0 comments

It seems like everyone wants to talk a little, or write a little about 2015 before the new year really starts, and I don’t blame them. There is a value in meditating on the year we just completed before starting the next one, and it feels more important than ever–at least for my self–as 2015 was a particularly hard but amazing year.

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